The end of one chapter…

Final reports submitted and language tests done, my time studying at Kyoto University has come to its inevitable and unavoidable end. It not all over just yet though. I’ve still got three whole weeks left before I make that final trip to the airport, when I’ll no doubt be encumbered with a menagerie of kawaii soft toys and enveloped in a haze of wonderful memories.

Dressed up in yukata for Gion Matsuri, one of Japan's biggest festivals.

Dressed up in yukata for Gion Matsuri, one of Japan’s biggest festivals.

With everyone’s flight date drawing uncomfortably close, the sentiment that one chapter is ending, but another is just beginning has never been more true. It’s heartbreaking to see the wonderful, kooky, vibrant friends that I’ve made here begin to leave, one by one. We’ve shared the most fantastic experiences, and I’ll always treasure those memories – the wonder, the excitement, the downright hilarity. It’s not goodbye, even though it might feel like it now. True friendships last, and I have a lot of faith in these ones.

The next chapter, as my good friend Sophie said, will of course be the continuation of the party. With friends scattered all over the world, we’ll never be short of inspiration for more adventures. So, Mexico?

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